Sample Box 3D Wall Decorative Panels, 3 Tiles Zeta Design, Modern Wall Decor


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Turn the space of your home into an impressive interior with our 3D wall cladding systems.
Create a variety of 3D wall decors by choosing from our various shapes and color combinations. The shapes have different heights and create a realistic three-dimensionality of the surface. These 3D panels offer practical and original visual solutions for traditional or modern interior and exterior. Made of light and strong copolymer with a thickness of 2 mm. Easy to install. Fast delivery.

• The box comes with 3 tiles Zeta model. Designed for amateur or professional use. Order, see and try to ensure product quality and the right color for your project.
• Zeta 3D wall panels in Smoke Gray, Gold and Silver colors. Easy to install. No need of professional support
• Installation diagram in product photos. Made in Europe. Fast Delivery.
• Temperature resistance -40/+85°C or 40.0 °F / 185 °F. Humidity resistance.
• Suitable interior for homes, offices, restaurants and public buildings.

How to install?

Step 1 – Apply silicone behind the bottom apparatus.
Step 2 – IF NEEDED! Screw the apparatus from determined points.
Step 3 – Make sure that the centralization details are attached to each other.
Step 4 – Complete installation process by attaching the top part of the product to the already installed bottom apparatus.

Package Size: 21x40x11 cm /8.27’’x15.75’’x4.33’’


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