Owli Expandable Sleeping Sack 4 in 1, Sleeveless, 0.5 TOG, High Quality Turkish Cotton,0-36 months


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Sleeping bag or Sleeping Guru, 4 in 1, is a baby product that can be used
The growing sleeping sack!
• 0-3 months – Owli is used as a swaddle. Thanks to the tic-tac buttons, your baby’s arms are gently wrapped, creating a feeling of tightness, comfort and security in the baby.
The legs remain free, which makes it a healthy product for the development of the baby’s hip joint.
• 3-6 months – Owli Sleeping Guru expands, thanks to the side zippers, and provides more space for the baby. It can be used both as a swaddle and as a sleeping bag, freeing the hands.
• 6-12 months, babies need more space to sleep better. The wide legroom ensures comfortable sleep.
• 12-36 months – with their first steps, babies become more mobile and need more freedom. Thanks to the innovative design, with just one unbuttoning, the legs remain free and are ready to play.
Suitable for room temperature of 69,8 – 73,4 °F (21-23 ° C)
CONTENT: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
CARE: Machine washable. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, medium. Do not iron.

● Convertible into full size sleeping bag – no need to buy every 3 months a swaddle
● Two-way zipper allows you to change the child’s diaper, unbuttoning the bottom, while it is nicely wrapped and warmed up.
● Easy to maintain, durable and breathable fabric.
● Approved by the International Hip-Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy product.
What does TOG mean according to room temperature?

Room temperature of 75,2 – 80,6 °F (24-27 ° C) – 0.3 TOG bag – suitable for summer
Room temperature of 69,8 – 73,4 °F (21-23 ° C) – 0.5 TOG bag – suitable for afternoon sleep in winter or on colder summer evenings
Room temperature of 60,8 – 71,6 °F (16-22 ° C) – 2.7 TOG sleeping bag – suitable for winter

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