Nava 3D Wall Panels, Pyramide 3D Tiles for Wall Decoration, Easy to Instal Wall Panelling System

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Transform ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art with Nava 3D Wall Panels. Our premium copolymer panels feature a mesmerizing 3D design that adds depth and dynamism to any space.

An order for one box includes:

60 pieces of 3D Panels – 20 Flat pcs, 20 Pyramid pcs and 20 Polygon pcs
Covering area: 10.76 ft2 (1m2)
Weight: 11 lbs/ft2 (5 kgs/m2)
Packing: cardboard box (12.60”x19.3”x11.4’’)

IMPORTANT: One box comes in one color only, but 3 set with 20 pcs each, different shapes panels!


● Easy to install
● No need for professional support
● Light and strong copolimer. Thickness: 0.08″ (2 mm)
● Temperature resistance -40/+85°C or ‑40.0 °F / 185 °F
● Humidity resistance
● 3D Model for interior designers and architects


Step 1 – Apply silicone behind the bottom apparatus.
Step 2 – IF NEEDED! Screw the apparatus through determined points.
Step 3 – Make sure that the centralization details are attached to each other.
Step 4 – Complete installation process by attaching the top part of the product (the Panels themselves) to the already installed bottom apparatus.


– Dimensions: 1 panel –
Lowest: 0.31″ (8 mm)
Highest: 1.5″ (38 mm),
Length x Width: 6.77″x7.8″ (172×198 mm)

– Standard Colors: Black Matte, Gold, Silver, Anthracite, Smoke Gray, White. (Minimum order quantity: 1 box – 10.76 ft2 /1m2).
– Custom: All RAL code colors (Matte or Glossy) are available per request (Minimum order quantity: 10 boxes – 107.6 ft2/10m2)
– Suitabilty: Interior (for exterior use, additional finishes needed. Please, send a request!)

Additional information

Panel Color

Black Mat, Gold, Silver, Anthracite, Smoke Gray, White


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